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"Collins is a fine writer who knows how to both horrify readers
and keep them turning pages."
--Publishers Weekly

"A master storyteller." --RT BookReviews

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"Do not think at this moment, Cara Westling. Concentrate on nothing but saving your life. You want your daughter to be without a father and a mother?"

Cara Westling, a newcomer to the small town of Payton, Idaho, is grateful she's landed employment with the highly respected J.L. Larrett. A victim of abuse both from her father and ex-husband, Cara is struggling to build her own self esteem—and a new life for herself and her troubled thirteen-year-old daughter, Riley.

But J.L. Larrett is not the man people think they know.

One week into the job, J.L. forces Cara to do the unthinkable—help hide the body of a woman he’s murdered. If Cara refuses, she could pay with her life.

If she obeys, the stain on her soul may be more than she can bear. 

"The latest thrill ride from Collins has so many twists and turns that readers will be left breathless! .... Heart-pounding conclusion." -- RT BookReviews

"Fast paced plotting ... engaging family drama." --Publishers Weekly

"Compelling drama." --CBA Christian MARKET

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