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Keynote Speaking and Teaching

A Note From Brandilyn

I'm available to speak at writer's conferences, women's retreats, and other events. I approach each invitation individually and with prayer. What is the theme of the event? What would God have me say to fit within that theme? Typical length of my talks are 50-60 minutes. Some may be two- or three-part talks, as needed.

As for teaching at writer's conferences, I have an extensive list of topics covering all aspects of the craft of fiction. Much of my teaching is based on the concepts presented in my book Getting Into Character, which adapts techniques from the art of method acting in unique ways that novelists can use. These classes have proven to be eye-opening for thousands of students. The concepts cover characterization, plotting, dialogue, tight and vivid writing to make readers "feel" the scene, and other techniques.

Interested in talking to me about the possibility of appearing at your event? Let's start the conversation. Please fill out the form below, and I will respond within a day.

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