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Fantastic Fiction Retreat

The 2019 retreat is full. If you'd like to be on the mailing list for next year's retreat,
 please fill out the form below.

Next year's retreat will take place on Friday and Saturday, June 5-6, 2020. I cover eight hours of teaching in one-hour segments, with lunches included, plus breaks and snacks in between each session. Each class is unique and in-depth. Anyone from a new novelist to the multi-published will find the concepts eye-opening and helpful.

Classes meet in my lake home in northern Idaho. Attendees stay at a hotel in town, using a group rate that includes room and a full breakfast. Coeur d'Alene, Idaho is a gorgeous resort town and a great place to bring the family along for a vacation.

This retreat is limited to 12 students, and spaces fill quickly. Want to be on the "first to know" mailing list for 2020 registration? Use the form below. I'll respond to let you know you've been placed on the list. You will hear from me in February 2020, when registration opens. The cost of the 2020 Fantastic Fiction Retreat is $295.

Interested in bringing the Fantastic Fiction Retreat to your neck of the woods? (Number of participants can be more than 12, depending on venue.) Use the form on the Invite To Speak page to start the conversation.

Some responses from attendees

"An amazing writer’s retreat! Everything was perfect! Wonderful hospitality. Loved everything and treasure all the unforgettable memories."

"Brandilyn Collins is a world class teacher. For novice writers and experienced published authors. Spend a day and a half in her Fantastic Fiction Retreat, and your writing will improve leaps and bounds!"

"Just the focus and boost I needed to get me going in a fresh direction on my next fiction project." (Author or co-author of over 100 books.)

"You’re very hospitable and make us so comfortable. Your house is warm and inviting, and the coffee—so good! Food was excellent!"

"A very productive retreat. Every session was jam-packed with useful information."

"A perfect balance of learning better writing skills, critiquing, and relationship building. Very glad I attended."

"I have read Getting Into Character—and feel like I gained a deeper understanding of your process. Loved every class. Every one was so helpful."

"To take the first two pages of our clunky writing and turn them into something like you did is remarkable. A gift."

"Learning from you and enjoying God's beautiful creation in the landscape are memories I'll treasure forever."

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